Jeff Bezos quote: “Advertising is a tax you pay for a lack of innovation”.
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Interesting thought, that. Innovation makes advertising redundant. Innovations by themselves – and the resulting product/services offering- can generate so much awareness, preference etc. that ads are no longer necessary. Such innovations, I feel, are not regular innovations and need their own label, these are #impactinnovations. It’s easy to think of examples of impact innovations. Some innovations I knew of before any advertising:
-iPhone (remember it was called the “Jesus-phone” ?), really almost everything by Apple…
-Google Earth
-And Amazon itself, of course

Easy. But it is even easier to think of innovations that do need advertising and thus pay the #lackoninnovationtax. The last yoghurt by Danone. The last discount offer of your local supermarket. The latest T-Mobile plan. Unilever’s Axe.

What are your examples?


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